Take care of your facial skin with a clear facial

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Take care of your facial skin with a clear facial massage program. from natural extracts.

Facial skin is something that many women give top priority to because the face is the first thing.

That others look at. Therefore need to take special care. So we have a way to take care of facial skin. With a clear facial massage program From natural extracts to share with you.

The face is an organ in the body. That is very important to many people. Especially when we are young, young or working, we have to use our faces to build our personalities. and credibility for oneself If it’s something this important So we have a way to take care of your facial skin. To look brighter and younger than your age, let your friends consider it.

If you want to take care of your facial skin There are many ways.

But today what we have brought to share with friends is a facial massage. from natural extracts It is one of the methods that are commonly used by people สมัคร ufabet taking care of the facial skin. But what is the facial massage program? Today we bring it to you and your friends.

Luminous Age Correction
Luminous Age Correction is a facial massage program that has properties to revitalize the facial skin. With natural extracts It will help reduce irritation to the skin. Makes look smooth. Helps delay the aging of facial skin. Reduce redness It also helps strengthen capillaries.

And the Luminous Age Correction program will help wake up your skin cells to be radiant, smooth, soft, and look younger. by this program There is a method as follows.

– Use Facial Lotion and apply it all over your face. To help reduce redness. and protects sensitive skin From sensitive skin
– Facial peeling (Enzymo-Spherider Peel) naturally Our in our 20s will shed skin cells every 3 weeks and as people age, The efficiency of cell division is not good. Make old cells die Won’t easily peel off. and will cling together Do not allow new cells to replace it. to perform circulating duties Makes a face that is dull from sunlight and pollution even worse.

Therefore, in order to keep the skin looking good and bright all the time We therefore need to Facial peeling (Enzymo-Spherider Peel) to remove old skin cells. And stimulate the creation of new skin
– Massage the face with Collagen with caviar all over the face until absorbed into the skin. Helps make the face smooth and youthful
– Massage with Micro-Emusion Cream all over the face and neck to add a smooth touch to the face
– Mask the face with Lumafirm repair to add moisture to the skin. Make the skin full of water and look healthy If the skin lacks moisture, our skin becomes dry, flaky, and wrinkles easily.

De Aging Facial Treatment

The De Aging Facial Treatment program will help tighten and tighten. not sagging Adjust skin color to be consistent. anti aging Add moisture and makes skin cells firmer by this program There is a method as follows.

– Use Facial Lotion to apply all over the face to help reduce redness. And protect sensitive skin. It’s the first step in our skin care program
– facial peeling (Enzymo-Spherider Peel) to remove old, dead skin cells. and create new skin
– massage with Lumafirm freeze –driend until absorbed into the skin Ready to lift and tighten the skin and various wrinkles all over the face, helping to increase radiance And repair skin cells
– Mark your face with Lumafirm repair to increase the firmness and elasticity of your skin.