What is “Old Man Smell” and 5 Ways to Prevent It

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The smell of old people is a soft smell. with adults that anyone who is close to the elderly may have had some Neither say it smells nor say it smells good, nor exactly. Today, let’s delve into the cause of the old man’s smell , along with ways to prevent it from occurring when that smells becomes ours.

recognize the smell of old people

The odor of the elderly or the smell of the elderly (Aging odor) does not arise from being dirty in any way. But it’s a special body odor of people aged 40 years and over. Body odor is caused by the sebaceous glands and sweat glands. Produce fat and sweat to react with bacteria until the smell on the body. Which reacts with bacteria, each smell will be different. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

When the body gets older (40 years or more), such processes work worse, resulting in the accumulation of substances called Nonenal, which are the main ones that release the old smells. The older you get, the more your body smells like this.

Contains Nonenal substance or precursor. This old man’s odor is insoluble in water or fat. to relieve doubts about durability Because taking a shower doesn’t help the body odor go away, including the clothes of the elderly, there will also be such a smells.

How to prevent aging

  1. wipe sweat often

As you know, the smell is cause by a combination of sweat, fat and bacteria. To cut the cycle, not to cause an old man’s smell, is to simply wipe the sweat. or make yourself sweat as little as possible

  1. exercise

It may be the opposite of what was suggest before. Because this method is to encourage the body to sweat more. But only time By exercising, your sweat glands expand and excrete waste products. Reduce the cause of the accumulation of bacteria and dirt.

  1. take a hot bath

It may be true that old people used to take hot baths before. And it looks like you’ll have to continue showering if you don’t want that smell to come on. Because taking a hot shower will help enlarge the pores. Sweat and dirt flow along with the water. Including nowadays, there are elderly deodorant products. 

The area that should be meticulously clean is Areas with a lot of sebaceous glands, such as behind the ears, back of the neck, breasts, and back, are full of bacteria. Bathing is the best way to slow down.

  1. no smoking

Smoking is an important factor that increases free radicals to the body. Is an important factor that makes the circulatory system work worse As a result, the accumulation of waste in the body increases the foul odor on the skin glands that must be excreted more than before.

  1. Reduce meat and fat

The fat in meat will stimulate the glands to produce more sebum to expel excess oil. In addition, it is advisable to avoid all types of high-fat foods to reduce odors, including physical health as well.

Normally, the smell of elders is not a strong smell that destroys any teenager or young person’s nose. According to the research results, all living beings emit odors according to their age in order to better discriminate against us. Having this old man’s smell was not a bad thing. But if anyone feels uncomfortable, they can try to adjust their lifestyle to reduce the smell.