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Supermarket Spree Shop in Marina’s supermarket for more surprises. during free spins 1 or more multiplier symbols may appear on the reels. and will be added together at the end of every free spin.  ทางเข้า UFABET All free spin wins are multiplied by the total win multiplier in PG slots.

“Mark Each Coin” is a well-known supermarket in Washington, and owner Marina tries to keep prices lower than other grocery stores in the area. People who buy groceries from her supermarket claim that her products are always fresh and natural. Marina’s supermarket is the most popular among other grocery stores. And there are many loyal customers in PG Slot Game .

It will soon be the 10th anniversary of Marina Supermarket. To thank our loyal customers for supporting her. Marina decided to organize a carnival in a large supermarket. All products are discounted up to 85%. On that day there will be many surprises. For example, anyone who purchases 8 or more products with special stickers x5 to x50 will be able to multiply their cash reward by the total amount spent. And the multiplier in the sticker. Sounds interesting, right? Come shop at Marina’s supermarket today and earn when you shop for groceries!

Supermarket Spree is a video slot that combines 6 by 6 symbols with special descending symbols to win more. Multiplier symbols with values ​​from x5 to x50 may appear during free spins to increase your winnings! Collect 1 or more multiplier symbols and they will be combined at the end of every free spin. And the total winnings of the free spins are multiplied by the total win multiplier! Ready to use PG Slot Auto