Arteta is confident that the gun can still attract the best players

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Mikel Arteta is confident Arsenal can still attract great players. Despite their turbulent

years, Arsenal are currently fourth in the Premier League with their hopes of returning to the Champions League again. After five seasons away from playing in Europe’s biggest football tournament,

despite finishing in 8th in the last two seasons and no European football to win, the “Cannons” are an English team that has spent a lot of money. Best in the last trading market With the signings of the likes of Aaron Ramsdale, Ben White and Martin

Odegaard, speculations have been swirling in recent weeks that Fiorentina striker Dusan Vlahovic has Having scored 16 goals in the league

, Arteta has declined to mention the speculation but insists the Gunners are still attracting some great players. Join the team as usual

“In the past, this club has always been looking for the best players in the world. And the best players in the world are always interested in coming here and I can say that hasn’t changed,” Arteta said

. He wants to move here. I’ve never encountered the opposite and that’s one of our best influences


Tomorrow (Thursday) will be the Carabao battle. Cup semi-final second leg But because last week’s game has been postponed, making this match become the first game instead. All because of the coronavirus outbreak in Liverpool

‘s squad Jurgen Klopp has revealed that Liverpool’s coronavirus test results were wrong in many cases, although Arteta has made no comment on the incident.

“This is something that is not in our control. The EFL is in charge of checking the status of all players and then deciding whether to play the game or not,”

he said. Having made that decision, they have a reasonable reason to postpone the tournament.”