Coventry 3 – Manchester United 3.

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Manchester United made it through to the FA Cup finals in thrilling fashion. When they defeated Coventry 4-2 in a penalty shootout after drawing 3-3 after 120 minutes. Even though the Red Devils had led by 3 goals sport.

In the first period, Coventry clearly came to defend and Manchester United controlled the ball. Moving forward to open the game and attack almost one-sidedly.

In the 19th minute.

The Red Devils almost took the lead. When a ball from Casemiro to Marcus Rashford penetrated the left side of the penalty area and tried to set up his foot with his left. The ball ricocheted slightly off the hand of Bradley Collins, Coventry’s goalkeeper. But the referee failed to see the corner kick UFABET 

It was another opportunity for United in the 21st minute. Bruno Fernandes took a corner kick in front of the penalty area for Alejandro Carnacho to shoot with his right hand over the crossbar.

Until the 23rd minute, the Red Devils took a 1-0 lead when Diogo Dalot broke through to the right and thrust it into the middle. Collins came out to cut and didn’t hit the ball. Causing the ball to break through to Scott McTominay, who fired a shot at the far post and shot it into the goal.

Coventry also had a chance to equalize. Josh Eccles dribbled past two defenders. The Red Devils penetrated the right side of the penalty area and slammed it into the middle, but Ellis Simms couldn’t reach him. Dalot fell down and dunked and was able to intercept first.

Manchester United almost ran away from Dalot, escaped the offside trap and came to the right and passed it back for Rashford to rush in with his right, but Collins was still able to fly off the crossbar.

From a corner kick on the right side, Bruno opened it up for Harry Maguire to head in alone. Sent the ball into the goal for the Red Devils to escape 2-0 in the 45+1 minute.

At the end of the first half, United were leading 2-0.

In the second half, in the 58th minute, United dropped 3-0 from a ball that. Marcus Rashford took into the penalty area on the left and locked it before passing it to Bruno Fernandes, who then touched it out to the left and scored as well. Left foot into the first post and into the net.

At this point, the Red Devils’ situation was quite certain. But Coventry didn’t give up, chasing 1-3 in the 71st minute. Fabio Tavares opened from the right side into the middle for Ellis Simms. He flicks the volley with his right foot and sends the ball into the goal.

Coventry had no courage, trailing 2-3 in the 79th minute. The ball from Simms flowed to Callum O’Hare, who caught it before soaring with his right hand in front of the penalty area. The ball ricocheted off the back of Wan-Bissaka and bounced high over Andre Onana’s head and into the underside of the crossbar.

Manchester United fans were shocked in the 90+3 minute. When Coventry received another penalty, with Lewis Binks bouncing the ball and hitting Wan-Bissaka’s outstretched arm. The referee awarded the penalty blame. While VAR didn’t argue anything before Haji Wright made no mistake, sending the score to 3-3.

At the end of 90 minutes.

Coventry, trailing by 3 goals, came to an incredible 3-3 draw with Manchester United and had to extend extra time.

Manchester United fans were almost shocked again in the 120+4th minute. When Hagi Wright slipped into the left side of the penalty area and passed into the middle for Victor Thorp to charge into the net. Coventry fans were both happy stadium. But VAR checked that the ball was offside. which is only a little

At the end of 120 minutes it was still tied 3-3 and had to go to a penalty shootout.

The result of the penalty shootout was that Manchester United defeated Coventry 4-2 and advanced to the FA Cup final to meet Manchester City.