“ETH” defends his beloved son Anthony.

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Anthony, Manchester United‘s underperforming attacker was defended by team manager Erik ten Hag as not being a scapegoat following the 0-3 loss to Newcastle. Which eliminated them from the Carabao Cup yesterday. This but because the whole team is bad. So don’t bother the head coach’s disciple.

The winger hasn’t appeared in 10 games this season without a goal or an assist. But it often makes headlines because of accusations of beating an ex-girlfriend ทางเข้า UFABET

That makes the owner worth 86.3 million pounds subject to criticism about the quality of his football. Is he really great or just a kid from ‘ETH’? Of course, the Dutch coach responded fiercely. 

“Antoni was not just bad, but the whole team as well. His performance was not good, the ball didn’t reach him. And I have to take responsibility for that.” the 53-year-old said. 

“But to be honest, there are still many criticisms from outside that affect his level of performance. That guy used to do better than this. Just like any other player can.” 

“Anthony is still a fighter, he is self-assured, brave and I am sure he will bring out why he deserves to play for us.” 

The 23 -year-old star is Ten Hag ‘s beloved son since taking control of Ajax Amsterdam . He was at a loss for the club to join him last season. He is 1 of 4 former employees of ‘ ETH ‘ together with Andre Onana , Lisandro Martinez and Sofiane Amrabat.