Petit agrees with ‘Guns’ to add Sidum this new year

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Arsenal legend Emmanuel Petit has urged his former club to sign Georginio Wijnaldum as the Dutch star struggles to adjust to the squad. Paris Saint-Germain and Mikel Arteta are in question for a more central midfielder

, with Wijnaldum joining on a free transfer from Liverpool. join the PSG team last summer But now the news is coming in. May have to move the team sooner than I thought. Due to the inability to intervene as a main player in Mauricio Pochettino’s squad, Wijnaldum is

now believed to have the opportunity to return to the Premier League again, especially with Newcastle. Chelsea and Arsenal are in the news as well According to the

latest report from The Mirror, Petit has come out to agree he wants his former team to bring Wijnaldum to the army, believing that it will benefit both the players. and the club

“When he scored two goals against RB Leipzig in the Champions League in November, I was on the pitch that night too, I think it was probably his perfect game since the start of the season against PSG,” Petit told

“But he struggles in the team. He stood out in the dressing


. And the competition in the PSG team is very high.

“We all know the quality that Wijnaldum has. He is a top Liverpool player. So perhaps coming back to the Premier League would be the best thing for him.”

Wijnaldum’s moment. in the Liverpool team He had the opportunity to play 237 games, helping the team to the Premier League title. and the Champions League was successful